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Soar like a bird above the Norwegian fjords

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Soar like an eagle over the spectacular fjords of Norway only powered by the forces of nature! This is an exclusive adventure only a few people get to experience. The instructing pilots are the most experienced in the area, with extensive local knowledge and experience.



Fjord Soaring offers several possibles sailplanes for the Fjord adventures.

Foremost is a brand new Arcus M two seater, cabable of self launching with its engine.

For those with a glider pilots license, there are also several single seaters available for rent. An high performance ASW 28T 18m, and several ASW 15s.


Fjord Soaring operates from several locations throughout the season

  • Sandane airport Anda - Located in the Nordfjord area, this is an area consisting almost entirely of steep mountains and fjords, and close to the Norway's most famous fjord Geiranger

  • Voss airport Bømoen - The extreme sport mecca of Voss is a great location between Norway's two longest fjords Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord.

  • Os airfield Ulven - Located close to the sea south of Norway's second biggest city Bergen

  • Other locations in Norway may be possible on request



At all locations it is of course possible to get accommodation at local hotel. At the Sandane location it is also possible to get a unique historic living experience at Stølen (Norwegian shepherd's cabin) up in the hills above Nordfjord.

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Exploring new areas
Arne Martin Güettler

Exploring new areas

Exploring new areas

Our Latest Adventure

Fjord Soaring 2018

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